One Year Later

Earlier this year, I wrote this blog post, hoping to draw attention to the devastation all over Puerto Rico caused by Hurricane Maria. In January, more than a third of Puerto Rico's residents remained without power. On August 14, the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority finally announced that 100% of Puerto Ricans had their power restored. While this is an important milestone on the island's road to recovery, there is still work to be done, and plenty of ways that we can help from the mainland.

Across the island, roofs await repairs, schools are littered with debris from the hurricane, and suicide prevention hotlines are seeing a significant increase in calls from the island's residents.  Last week, Puerto Rico made headlines again after announcing a revised headcount that reported over 3,000 deaths as a result of the hurricane.

I’m asking for your help to ensure that Puerto Rico has the resources & support it needs to rebuild. Efforts to assist the island today include:

The crisis in Puerto Rico is particularly impactful to my family because both of my parents grew up in nuestra isla bonita. Since Hurricane Maria, I’ve doubled down on my work with the Puerto Rican Heritage Society & worked with local leaders to ensure we don’t forget our family across the waters. With your help too, we can make a difference and support this community that desperately needs our help. Please take the time to learn more about the crisis and get involved.

Monique Diaz