Election Day

2018 Primary Election Day is finally here! We’ve seen record-breaking early vote turnout -- all across Bexar County and all across Texas, voters are showing up to make their voices heard and cast a ballot for the candidates that they believe in. If you didn’t vote early, there’s just one more day to get to the polls: Tuesday, March 6th.

On Election Day, voting works a little differently than it does when you vote early. During early vote, you can vote anywhere in the County, but on Election Day, you have to go to an assigned polling location determined by where you live. You can find your polling place by entering your address on the Election’s Department website here. If you want to view a sample ballot, you can see the Democratic and Republican ballots here.

I voted last week with my family, and I’m so excited by the turn out we’ve seen.

Help us keep this momentum going - make a plan and be sure you vote this Election Day. If you have any questions, please reach out to our campaign team at 210-328-3813.

Monique Diaz