Filing for Office


My name is Monique Diaz, and I recently filed to run for judge of the 150th District Court of Bexar County in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas.

Over thirty years ago, my parents moved to San Antonio from San Juan, Puerto Rico. My Dominican father and Puerto Rican mother believed in the promise of America, and so they came to Texas to continue their pursuit of the American Dream. We didn't have much, but we had everything we needed.

Even at a young age, my family always made sure I was aware of our many blessings. When I was a child, my grandmother would sit on the edge of our bed and together we would say our prayers. At the end of each prayer, she would say something that has always stuck with me: “Dale gracias a Dios por tus bendiciones y reza por los desafortunados,” which means, “Thank God for your many blessings, and pray for the less fortunate.”

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I have carried that line with me throughout my life. It’s an important reminder that the American Dream is not only about hard work and opportunity; it’s also about remembering that, in pursuit of that dream, we have a responsibility to be compassionate and to ensure that we don’t forget about our brothers and sisters along the way.

My parents worked their tails off so I could grow up in a country that says, “No matter where you came from, what you look like or who you pray to, as long as you are willing to work hard and play by the rules, you can succeed here.”

Americans across this country are standing up to defend the things that make our nation great, and I am stepping up to do my part.

The 150th District Court has jurisdiction over civil matters across Bexar County like family law, business law, title disputes, and election contests – and, I’ve done it all. Seven years ago, I built my own law firm from the ground up. I’ve represented working class families and children, small businesses and the poor, governmental entities and non-profits. I’ve been a plaintiff’s attorney and a defense attorney, a city attorney and a city prosecutor, and a pro bono attorney for those in need. Now, I'm ready to stand up for more.

A year from now, the 2018 elections will provide our community an opportunity to stand up for the American story. We began our journey in August, and last week, I officially filed for a place on the ballot. From now on, I plan to blog at least monthly so you can join me on this journey. I know it will be tough, so I’m very thankful to have your support along the way. Now, let’s go win this together.

If you want to get involved, you can: donate to our campaign here, sign up to volunteer here, and join our email list here.

Monique Diaz