Re-elect Judge Monique Diaz 150th District Court

Judge Monique Diaz made history in 2018, becoming the youngest Latina Civil District Judge in the State of Texas at the time.

A proud product of San Antonio’s public schools, Monique earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin and law degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law. She has brought a strong work ethic to the bench, working hard to make sure everyone has access to justice in Bexar County. Off the bench, she continues her public service by being a fierce advocate for reducing domestic violence while also serving as an adjunct professor of law at St. Mary’s.

Judge Monique Diaz

The 150th Civil District Court

The 150th District Court covers all of Bexar County. It is a civil court, not a criminal court, that handles family law cases (marriage, divorce, child custody, protective orders, child welfare, etc.) and personal injury, business and land disputes.

 If you live in Bexar County, and you are registered to vote, you can vote to re-elect Monique to the 150th Civil District Court!”

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Secured over $500,000 for Bexar County's first CPS-Domestic Violence Court

Secured $400,000 for a cutting edge Civil Family Violence Prevention Program

Worked to make sure the Civil Courts never closed during the pandemic, keeping justice accessible to everyone

Co-Founded the Collaborative Commission on Domestic Violence, an innovative approach to breaking generational cycles of abuse